Leadership Development

Members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure.

Patroness and Ticktockers earn League hours when their work is directly related to the functioning of The Magnolias Chapter. Examples of hours include committee meetings/work, Patroness/Ticktocker Meetings; time spent coordinating an event, telephone work, etc.

Patronesses are required to serve on at least one committee per year. Patronesses are encouraged to serve as a Committee Chair, Grade Level Advisor or Assistant Grade Level Advisor, or on the Chapter Board at least once during her Membership.

Ticktockers serve on a committee and have the opportunity to serve in a leadership position within their class each year.  Other leadership activities for Ticktockers include:

7th grade

  • Learn how to conduct meetings
  • Learn the role of each officer
  • Learn Parliamentarian Procedures
  • Learn the Nominating Process
  • Learn how to team build

8th grade

  • Learn how to make your own Agendas
  • Conduct Meetings
  • Learn Parliamentarian Procedures
  • Learn how to plan a big event: 7th Grade Social
  • Learn about Goal Setting

9th Grade

  • Make your own agendas
  • Learn Parliamentarian Procedures
  • Learn about Leadership Styles
  • Public Speaking: Learn how to make an “Elevator Speech”

10th grade

  • Learn how to plan your TT year
  • Learn Parliamentarian Procedures
  • Learn Interviewing skills
  • Public Speaking: Practice “Elevator Speech”

11th grade

  • Plan your TT year
  • Plan the fundraiser for Senior Recognition
  • Practice Interviewing for College
  • Learn how to plan your Senior Recognition
  • Public Speaking: Elevator Speech: “Officer Benefits”

12th grade

  • Plan your TT year
  • Plan your Senior Recognition
  • Public Speaking: Elevator Speech: “Valuing NCL”

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